Welcome to the home page of Dieter Marcuse

On this website I am presenting my memoirs in English and in German.


The texts and pictures appear in Microsoft doc Format. The memoirs are divided

into 10 chapters in the English version and into 9 chapters in the German version.

In addition, there is one chapter of pictures pertaining to the material in the memoirs.

To read this material,  click (or double click) on the chapter you want to see. 


The English chapters are as follows:

mem1.doc,  mem2.doc,  mem3.doc,  mem4.doc,  mem5.doc,  mem6.doc,  mem7.doc,


mem8.doc,  mem9.doc,  mem10.doc


The German chapters are called:

Kapitel1,   Kapitel2,   Kapitel3,   Kapitel4,   Kapitel5,   Kapitel6,   Kapitel7,   Kapitel8,    Kapitel9




The following entries are copies of my wife Haide's and her brother Eike's memories of their

childhood in a small town in Germany called Pritzerbe.


First, Haide's memories: Haidemem.doc with pictures: PicturesofPritz.doc


Next, Eikes memories: Eikemem.doc


The English version of my memoirs has been published under the name:

"A Dream Come True, Growing up in Germany, Growing old in the USA".

The publisher is Author House. The book can be obtained from book stores

such as Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble etc. Amazon also offers a Kindle edition.


I welcome comments or other communications. Please, send them to my e-mail address: dmarcuse@optonline.net